Andrew & Maureen Swaney's 1938 Chevy



Let me start by saying that antique restoration is not for the faint of heart!


If you are not willing to sacrifice hundreds of hours, skinned knuckles and lots of cash,just purchase one already restored.  But if you enjoy a challenge and re-creating a bit of history, go for it.  

The end result offers both pride and self-satisfaction.

Once running, I installed the fenders, running boards, grill and bonnet.  It was time to install the headliner and after messing it up, I had it installed by a local auto upholsterer.  He also installed the carpeting and covered the door panels that I had fabricated.  


Restoration took a year and a half and as with any antique the work continues.  Since, I have installed hub caps and wheel rings and re-painted the hood as it was damaged during storage.


My wife Maureen and I belong to the Antique Automobile Club of America and spend a lot of time showing the car. We also belong to a local AACA club in VA.  This year, Maureen has taken on the task as club publisher for the monthly newsletter.  I have also been elected a Director at Large.  

In 2015, we were awarded Best of Show and this year (2016) we won a second place trophy at the annual AACA Car Show for Class Winner.



The Chevy Master and Master Deluxe are passenger vehicles that were produced by Chevrolet between

1933 and 1942.  

Humpback is a term used to describe the two and four door models that have a trunk protruding from the rear of the vehicle.

I began restoration and re-assembly in late 2014.

I removed the interior that was rotted and offered refuge to several families of mice through years gone by.

I then tackled the frame by using the Por15 chemicals to clean and coat the undercarriage.

I removed and replaced all brake lines, brake shoes

and fuel lines.

I cleaned and installed a new float in the gas tank.

Then I installed the engine, transmission and driveline.  

The engine is an inline 216 six cylinder with a three speed manual floor shift. It was defiantly a challenge connecting the transmission to the driveline. I only wished that I had smaller hands and several more fingers.




In 2015, we were awarded Best of Show and this year (2016) we won a second place trophy at the annual AACA Car Show for Class Winner.




The very impressive grille!

In closing, we have benefited by enjoying our retirement years traveling,

making friends and taking pride in our accomplishment.  



It was then time to return to Florida where I had the carburetor rebuilt in Clearwater.  When I returned to VA in the spring, I resumed work by installing the starter, generator and carburetor.  I went on to re-wire the vehicle, and re-install the newly re-upholstered seats.  New plug wires, points and plugs were installed and the oil changed. I had difficulty getting the car to run and found that the float was taking on fuel.




The car was delivered to me on a trailer and in several pieces.  



I purchased my Chevy Master, two door humpback model in early 2014 from a friend that lives in Fredericksburg, VA.  

The car had been stored for several years.  The 216 six cylinder engine is original to the car but had been re-built

long before I bought the car.  During storage, the engine was turned manually to avoid seizure.