The interior showing the original vases, rope handles and window roller blinds.

Two views of the impressive hood and the hood ornament. Note the four chromed hood doors


Having sold my 1929 President 8 Studebaker years ago (insert photo above with me behind the ‘bonnet’ - hood to you guys and no not my wedding, just supplied car and driver) it was time to get back into vintage cars again. We spent over 4 months looking online and at auctions event etc. Although I was looking for another Pres 8 Studebaker my pocket book said no! As we were looking around we stumbled on the 1932 Chevrolet which had a look similar although smaller to our Studebaker and had a much better price point! So after much negotiation we bought it and had it shipped from CA.


The condition of the car when we bought it looked fairly good from a first look but when looking closer we knew there were many things that needed attention particularly the paint condition, some of the upholstery, engine bay, some mechanicals and etc. Over the past year we have done most of the work needed and are now at a point where it is ready to be confidently driven and enjoyed. However as anyone who owns knows, there is always “things” to be done!

I was able to piece together some of it’s past history from the previous owner and documents supplied.


In May 1972 a Gary Brown sold the car to a Vincent Mecca in reasonably good original condition.

The body was repaired wherever necessary by a professional and the car was repainted in Nov 1975. Vincent Mecca used it and looked after it for 25 years. During his ownership in the 1990’s the engine was rebuilt, including the transmission and rear end with new bearings in the axles along with much other restoration work. He died in 2000 and the car was then stored for 8 years by the family.

It was then sold in May 2008 to the previous owner and he began a mini restoration including rebuilding the starter and generator.


Since owning it we have continued to keep the car in good condition by doing more restoration work including some of the upholstery, having the carburetor rebuilt professionally, the clutch professionally serviced, wheels painted, and engine painted. A new large 6 volt battery was installed in late 2015. New bulbs in all lights including Quartz Halogen headlights.  New dash control knobs were installed plus a myriad of other smaller jobs.

The “Baby Cadillac”


In the early years of the Depression (1929 on) all US auto companies were struggling to make sales.


· In 1932 Chevrolet unveiled their brand new stylishly designed cars as Roadsters, Coupes, Landau, Coach 2 door & Sedans in 4 door.

· This 4 door sedan was nicknamed by Chevrolet dealers as the  “Baby Cadillac” as it had many new innovative features and options over previous models and over Fords at that time.

· Some of the original options included on this car are roller blinds on 3 windows, rope hand holds for rear access, 2 vases, foot rest for rear passengers, two fender mounted spare wheels and monogrammed covers, front external wind deflectors, external mirrors mounted on spare wheels, front large fog lamp, twin chromed front-mounted trumpet horns, front cabin heater, front pull-out glove tray, wind up clock in rear view mirror, 4 chromed hood doors on each side, etc.

· It has the tried and proven in-line six, the so called “cast iron wonder” stove bolt 6 which was introduced in 1929 and soon won a great reputation for dependability and economical service.

· It also has a unique feature called “freewheeling” which when engaged allows gear changes without the use of the clutch.


Chevrolet production in 1932 was 323,100 less than half of pre-depression years. Today Chevrolet makes almost 2 million cars and trucks.


§ Engine capacity 194 cu in,  60hp,  with ‘valve in head’ configuration.

§ Car weighs 2,715 pounds

§ Original price in 1932… $575.00

Great lines and showing the mounting of the spare wheel and cover.

From my 1929 Studebaker President 8 to our

1932 Chevrolet Confederate Sedan Deluxe!

The heater which is really quite hidden up under the passenger front side.

The pull-out accessory tray originally a dealer option on the Deluxe models.

The original upholstery was a tan color mohair, but when I purchased it had become a very dirty swampy-brown color. Recently updated to a nice burgundy.

Two views of the engine after the recent “paint-over”


1932 Chevrolet Confederate 4 Door Sedan Deluxe

California Original Barn Find

1990’s Frame Up Restoration Kept Original as Possible

Rebuilt 194 Engine

Rebuilt 3 Speed Trans w/ Granny Low

Further Restoration and Improvements in 2008 and 2015

It has been driven approx 18,300 miles since Original Restoration

Rubber Top

Privacy Shades on 3 rear windows

Original Rope Handles and Flower Vases

All Tires, Rims, Hubcaps, Period Correct

Wheels and Engine repainted in 2015

Working Wind-up Clock in Rear View Mirror Keeps Excellent Time

Original 6 Volt Electrical System with Rebuilt Starter and Generator

New Heavy Duty Battery in late 2015

Cabin Heater plus pull-out Accessory Tray

Travel Trunk with Period Correct Suitcase

Best In CA Show Including 2nd In Belmont Concours d'Eleganz

And four recent Best in Class trophies in Florida

Runs and Drives Great and a Head Turner wherever it goes

Some of the features of the 1932 Chevrolet Confederate Sedan Deluxe!

Roy & Ikke McGreevy’s 1932 Chevrolet Confederate 4 door Sedan Deluxe